This 2014 documentary film of Glenn Campbell's Last Tour after being diagnosed with Alzheimers' is both refreshingly honest and real, down to the tiniest details, that unless you've been in a long term relationship with someone who has Alzheimers', one might find odd or off-putting. Even if you're not a fan of Country/Pop music, this movie will give you an inside look at a growing epidemic.

Major credit to Glen, his wife of 33 years, his doctor, his adult children, his roadies and long time musician friends for allowing this intimate portrait to be filmed, not glossing over the terrible toll this disease has, not only on the person, but all who know and love him.

The original goal in 2011 was five weeks of live shows. His fans and audiences exude love and support, despite Glen's obvious struggles. At one point, his neurologist explains that because music was so ingrained in Glen, he can function longer and better than most people.

This information doesn't make the behaviors or mood swings any easier to watch. He played mostly old favorites, his fingers flying, his voice skipping a bit here and there, like an old record.

One new song, "I won't remember you", is absolutely heartbreaking. Particularly poignant is his daughter's song for him. An update states that Glen is now at a Memory Care Facility and no longer speaks or knows what a guitar is, in and on the last stage.

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