The Get Connection is an organization based out of Orlando,FL that deals primarily with drugs but does not limit itself to any illegal activities. As a high ranking officer I can not divulge the names of anyone but I can describe the power structure and possibly in later nodes, a few amusing anecdotes regarding this orgainization.

It was started in Orlando over two years ago after our two co-founders began picking mushrooms from a nearby field and were introduced to the most powerful drug man in central florida (maybe even the state). They decided that they could profit immensly from selling to this gentlemen but needed to get more mushrooms to please his large demands. One night, on the way to the fields they decided that they could hire people to pick these mushrooms and they would reap most of the profits. They decided on the name Get Connection for whatever reasons (probably coke fueled). And so it began.

Later they began to spread into other buisunises such as marijuna, opium, and cocaine. As they spread they began to set up a very complex power structure. First and foremost they were the leaders so they adopted the title of co-founders. The co-founders are the final word in any activity. Beneath the co-founders are the general directors, They are the heads of a paritcular city and control hirings, firings and general day to day operations. They are the ones who set up contacts and do the wholesale purchase and distribution of our products. Currently there are 4 general directors; two in Gainesville, one in Orlando, and one in Chicago. Beneath the general directors are operatives. Operatives are the basic personnel of the Get Connection, they carry out all operations such as picking, retail, and "dirty" work. There are two kinds of operatives, special and basic. The only difference is that a special op is one who has shown distinctive service to us and is extremely capable of what he does. The ministers of the get connection are the ones who specialize in a particular department such as opiates, propaganda, arms, etc. they are sort of in between the general directors and operatives but can carry the rank of either. Last and least of all is the Free-Lancer, he or she is usually being considered for hiring although there are some who are useful to us but for one reason or another can't be trusted.

The true governing body of the Get Connection is the staff. The staff includes the co-founders, all general directors, our ministers, and sometimes "investors". The Chairman of the Board is "the lady" (think white). All staff members must meet in person and most snort cocaine. The staff meetings are where the decisions are made.

Unlike what some law enforcement agencies think we are not a violent organization. We would NEVER hurt someone unless it was an extremely serious buisness matter. We are out for profit only. However you must remember that if a member of our organiztion had to choose between taking out some moron or doing ten years then that isn't a choice at all (to quote Mr. White). Anyways, look for us in a town near you. Hope we can do buisness!

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