General Ramon Alcazar is a sometime head of state and sometime rebel insurgent fighting to regain his position as the Generalissimo of the Republic of San Theodoros, a fictional South American republic in the Tintin series.

We first meet General Alcazar in the book The Broken Ear, when Tintin unexpectedly finds himself made a Colonel in Alcazar's army. We next run into him in Tintin and the Picaros, in which Alcazar has been overthrown and is fighting the usurper (General Tapioca) and his foreign allies (The Bordurians) for control of San Theodoros.

In that book, his rebel army (the Picaros) are hamstrung by the opposition's airdropping of whisky (specifically, Loch Lomond) into the forest; Prof. Calculus, fortunately, has an antidote...maybe...otherwise, Alcazar's nagging and domineering wife Peggy won't get her palace...

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