Galactic Pot-Healer is a science fiction novel written by Philip K. Dick. The book tells the story of a futuristic Earthling named Joe Fernwright who is summoned by a god-like creature known as Glimmung to help in raising the sunken temple, Heldscalla on Plowman's Planet.

But as they begin their undertaking, they discover that there's more to Plowman's Planet, and more to Glimmung's intentions than meets the eye. When the Book of the Kalends, the book that tells the future of every creature as spun in the Kalends web predicts the failure of the undertaking and the death of Glimmung, the raising of Heldscalla becomes a microcosm to the fight between the tyranny of fate and the caliber of spirit.

A few cool quotes:

"There is a basic assumption that the chthonic world is in the ground - you find this in every religion. But actually it's in the ocean. The ocean is the actual primordial world, out of which every living thing came a billion years ago."

"Nothing down here is really alive, in the strict sense. Residual amounts... partial changes in a damaged battery."

"A man is an angel that has become deranged... Once all of them had been angels, and at that time they had had a choice between good and evil, so it was easy being an angel. And then something happened. Something went wrong or broke down or failed. And they had become faced with the necessity of choosing not good or evil but the lesser of two evils, and so that had unhinged them and now each was a man."

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