In February 2002, the first Futurama DVD box was released. For syndication reasons, this DVD box was only released as Region 2 (Europe, Middle East and Japan). For practical reasons (I guess), it consists of the first production season as opposed to the first season aired.

The box set consists of 3 DVDs with a total of 13 episodes with production numbers 1ACV1-1ACV13. There is also an audio commentary track for each episode (encoded with a very low bitrate of 96 kbps), deleted scenes from some episodes, a trailer for the dvd set, some storyboards and a featurette showing the development of the series.

Although similar to the first season box of The Simpsons, the first Futurama box differs in some important ways. For instance, the DVDs each come in their own regular-size DVD (Amaray?) cases instead of the Simpsons-esque one piece paper box. Furthermore, the Futurama DVD set was (at the time of it's release) quite a lot more expensive, $50 as opposed to the $35 of The Simpsons. This can possibly be attributed to the much lower volumes possible in a Region 2 only release.

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