Possibly the hardest of the common flip tricks in skateboarding. Younger brother of the elusive impossible, this trick is even more elusive; hence, ensure you are a self proclaimed master of the impossible before attempting this trick.

As with the impossible you need alot of speed and height, and once again you will need more for this. Once you've got your speed ollie, feet in the normal position, and slide your front foot right up to the nose. Remember, this is a front-foot impossible so your back foot will play no part in this (except in the landing).

Once your front foot is on the nose, shove down (as you did with the impossible) and out, but here is the difference. At first this will lead to many grazes and bruises. Once the board has started in its longways flip and heelflip you need to shove your front foot in its way. Make sure you use the back of your leg, and make sure the griptape is what hits the back of your leg, and not the underside.

Once this is done the board will continue a very slow longways flip and at the same time will wrap itself around your front leg. Once it has finished winding around push your front foot out and catch the board with your back foot. You will have to catch it sideways and correct it. Now bring your front foot back in and guide it back down to land. It doesn't take as long to execute as it sounds, but it does take a long time. I reccommend only trying this trick off a jump, or at the least a funbox.

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