B-movie actress played by Scott Thompson in several Kids In The Hall sketches, star of such works as "Spy Models." She is probably of South American origin; the commercial for "Fiore" perfume ("Tonight, feel like a bitch") says "it came from the favelas of Brazil" but another sketch refers to her "girlhood in Uruguay." She married Bruno Puntz Jones when he was 12 and she was 26, but is still willing to marry another man to get Canadian citizenship ("In my circle is very chic. Besides I get to study woodland animals.")

According to kithfan.org, she is in these sketches: "Retelling a Complicated Italian Movie" (#220), "The Darcy Pennell Show" (#317), "Spy Models" (#320), "Fiore Parfums Commercial" (#403), "Divorce Court" (#410), "Francesca in Yugoslavia" (#417), "Syntax" (#519), and apparently some "Francesca Fiore and Bruno Puntz Jones Couples Counseling" skits were done for Comedyworld radio.

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