A company famous for making biscuits (surprisingly enough), established in 1853 when Michael Spedding opened a confectionary shop in Batley, West Yorkshire and perfected a recipe for brandy snaps which proved to be extremely popular with local traders.

From humble brandy-snap beginnings, the business flourished and was later passed on to Spedding's son-in-law Fred Ellis-Fox, from whom the company took their name. They now supply a huge range of premium quality biscuits to the UK and many other countries, with an annual turnover of £120m. Just think about that the next time you tell your friends about your killer recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies.

If you get the chance, try the Sprinkle Crinkle Crunch, Rocky bars, or their own take on the popular Digestive recipe called simply '...Put The Kettle On'.

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