Four Past Midnight is a collection of four short stories by Stephen King, published in 1990:

  1. One Past Midnight
    The Langoliers
    This is for Joe, Another White-Knuckle Flier.
  2. Two Past Midnight
    Secret Window, Secret Garden
    This is for Chuck Verrill.
  3. Three Past Midnight
    The Library Policeman
    This is for the Staff and Patrons of the Pasadena Public Library.
  4. Four Past Midnight
    The Sun Dog
    This is in memory of John D. MacDonald - I miss you, old friend -- and you were right about the tigers.

In his stories King tries to explore what happens to the casual observer when the thin line dividing the real from the unreal breaks. This is the central theme of the four novellas, which could have been published as quality, standalone works.

The Langoliers were filmed in 1995 and and The Sun Dog is currently being developed into an IMAX movie.

Stephen King
Viking Press, (September 1990)
ISBN: 0670835382;

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