The logistics of Fort Bragg, California

  • Fort Bragg is located at 124W Longitude, 39N Latitude in the northern hemisphere
  • The zip code is 95437.
  • Fort Bragg harbors about 6000 citizens
  • Fort Bragg is commonly overshadowed by its more popular neighbor Mendocino
  • Fort Bragg is in Mendocino county.
  • The climate is very humid and usually in the 40's in the mornings; yearly and 60 to 80 in afternoons in summer
  • Fort Bragg is world renowned for its beautiful coasts, and majestic redwood forests, so much so that its only industry is tourism. The "Fort Bragg area" is one of the only places in the world that old growth redwood forests still exist. The area is also where such films as "The Majestic", "The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming", "Forever Young", and many others took place. The best lodging in Fort Bragg is "The North Cliff Hotel" and the best restaurant is "The Cliff House" (Which is owned and run by the same family as The North Cliff). Another major tourist attraction is "The Skunk Train"; an ancient railroad company originally used for transportation of loggers and logging goods. A popular beach is Pudding Creek named thus because the river flowing into the ocean is still in the summer and grows algea atop the water, Pudding Creek is a beautiful beach but it's popularity usually drives me away, you'll find many beachs in the area but most of the best ones are often the hardest to find. Avenue of the Giants, which was one of the first government logging protected forests, is located north of Fort Bragg and is the oldest forest I've ever had the privilege to lay eyes upon. Most all of the trees there are hundreds of years old, have survived many fires, and are 20 or more feet in diameter.

    The Sad Socioeconomic Truth of Paradise

    From a citizen's perspective this town is going nowhere fast. The only actual industry we had, lumber milling, through Georgia Pacific, just went out of business and the 300 or so employees working have either had to take their chances getting whatever crap job available around here, or moving to the nearest mill in Oregon. There's absolutely no career opportunity around here and only a community college for post-high school education. There's a complete lack of any sort of social gatherings aside from school and so youth activity is limited to gangs or fanatical religious practices so most kids around here are either shut-ins, homicidal, or both.

    Sir Douglas Quintet (Mendocino)

    Teeny Bopper, my teenage lover
    I caught your waves last night
    It sent my mind to wonderin'.
    You're such a groove
    Please don't move
    Please stay in my love house by the river.
    Fast talkin' guys with strange red eyes
    Have put things in your head
    And started your mind to wonderin'
    I love you so, please don't go
    Please stay here with me in Mendocino.
    Mendocino, Mendocino,
    Where life's such a groove
    You blow your mind in the morning.
    We used to walk through the park,
    Make love along the way in Mendocino.
    (Ah, play it, Augie! Yeah!)
    Like I told you, can you dig it?
    If you wanna groove, I'll be glad to have you.
    'Cause I love you so, please don't go,
    Please stay here with me in Mendocino,
    Mendocino, Mendocino
    Where life's such a groove,
    You blow your mind in the morning
    We used to walk through the park,
    Make love along the way in Mendocino
    Mendocino, Mendocino, Mendocino


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