I am primarily concerned with the 5 and dime scriptural contest,
All friends of Mr. D. and human survival in the wounded galaxy.
What are you looking for?
A new mythology? A control system for Intersection Reading?
Some love between light and shadow? Radioactive time?

I move in particular acceleration inside the control machine,
Against my will, but definitely with care.
And where are you tonight?
In the superimposed cage of images? Beside your self-styled waterclock?
In the company of heroes? At your window into time?

I want to rewrite the history of the priestly class,
Incorporating changes in the wind and in the night.
And what is there in front of you?
The rich and varied crop of interstice? A boundary of birds?
The fine but broadening line of U-turns? A poem, yes or no?

When you get back home again, and come to some conclusion,
Shall we find this was never written, only heard,
As though by angels respectful of new forms?

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