The poker variant follow the queen is regularly played as a seven-card stud hand with the following variants (though of course any rule variations are up to the dealer in house rules). Players play through a seven-card stud hand with matching betting but wild cards are determined during play. Whenever a queen is dealt face-up the next card dealt is wild and all cards matching it become wild. Therefore if a queen is dealt to player 3 then player 4 gets dealt a 6: all sixes become wild. If a queen is dealt after a queen then all queens become wild PLUS whatever the next card is again. Some play where queens are wild from the start and if the last card dealt face-up is a queen then ONLY queens are wild.

This game results in choppy pot sizes and works better as you approach maximum players for your game. If you are not a fan of games with wilds then this will severely throw off your playing style. I’m guessing San Francisco poker players don’t mind wilds seeing as this is quite a popular poker game there.

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