Unity, or the Unity School of Christianity, is centered on five core beliefs, or in the language of the movement, basic premises. Although the following list comes from the movement's own literature, the descriptions are mine and should not be considered doctrine.

  1. One Presence, One Power. The single power active in my life is the divine source of all things, the Creator, God, the Good. With God, I can overcome any challenge.
  2. Humankind is divine. Our true nature is good. This idea is in direct opposition to original sin. Jesus Christ was not the exception. We can achieve the same state of perfect consciousness because we have the same seeds of divinity within us.
  3. The Law of Mind Action. Through affirmation and denial, we can bring prosperity and health into our lives. What we focus on increases whether we focus on the positive or the negative.
  4. Prayer and Meditation. It is through these tools that we synchronize with divine intelligence and achieve union with the source of all ideas. This is how we know God.
  5. Demonstration. Theory and learning are important, but to be truly spiritually alive beings and to fulfill our God-given potential, we must demonstrate in the world. We must give our faith legs. For instance, we must help others, support our spiritual community, and be charitable.

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