Fire Pro Wrestling is the general encompassing name for a series of Professional Wrestling games that have been released on a variety of video game platforms, mainly the Super Nintendo. It differentiates itself from standard console wrestling games in many ways.

2d Graphics - Nearly all of the Fire Pro Wrestling games are in 2d, even on recent systems. It seems that a 3d engine is beyond the scope of the developers (I've been told a poor 3d version of Fire Pro has been made, however), so 2d sprite-based graphics have been used prominently.

Customization - The early Fire Pro games were the one of the first, if not the first wrestling games to feature an extensive Create-A-Wrestler mode, along with many other customization options.

Intelligent Gameplay - The most loved and hated feature of the Fire Pro games is the simple fact that they come off as more realistic than pro wrestling itself. Damage is kept track of on individual body parts, and the grappling system rewards exact timing, rather than mindless button-mashing. While initially frustrating to the casual gamer that's used to the button-bashing mayhem of other wrestling games, Fire Pro offers a very satisfiying experience, when you get the hang of the timing. Trust me, even if you're not heavy into wrestling, when you manage to finally beat the computer at the easiest difficulty level, with a somersault off the top rope into a pin for a 3-count, you'll wanna jump up and start screaming like you just won the freakin' Super Bowl. :>

Sadly, aside from a few Game Boy Advance ports, Fire Pro games usually don't see US release. However, I've recently heard mutterings of Spike (the developer behind the US Fire Pro ports to GBA) bringing Fire Pro Wrestling to the US on the GameCube.

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