Because we are all Godless sinners, there is a sexual fetish for everything.

Financial Domination, AKA findom, is not related to financial abuse, but instead refers to the sexual fetish of giving someone who berates you money.

That's. . . pretty much it. It's some kind of subgenre of BDSM where the dominant commands the submissive-- called "pay pigs"-- to give them money. This is almost entirely done online, and if you search Youtube, you can find videos of women (and some men) of varying attractiveness insulting their audience, commanding them to donate money to paypal. Here's a random example.

The types of doms and methodology differ. Some take the typical e-thot route and ask for donations because they are pretty, and the subs are lucky to look at them. Others go the more common route and insult the subs, which the subs apparently get off on. Some doms develop intimate (as intimate as you can get online, anyway) relationships with specific subs wherein they learn their monthly earnings and demand a certain portion of their budget -- or even do the budgeting for them. This can also include other, more standard forms of life domination (restricting subs to certain diets, for example). It should be noted that there isn't any actual hanky being pankied in these kinds of relationships, it is strictly a money-for-attention deal (if even that).

The sub supposedly gets off on the humiliation and/or vulnerability aspect of findom. Some subs donate small amounts, and others give away the majority of their paychecks.

Yes, I am kinkshaming.

Don't @ me.

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