NOTE: This is a companion writeup to Male Metalhead Stereotypes so, if you haven't already, kindly read that first.

Done that? Good. Right. Let's begin. There are, however, fewer female metalhead stereotypes than male ones, simply because metal is, well, rather male-dominated in its appeal. However, to try and emphasise the increasing appeal it's having to the fairer sex, I've tried to work in more bands involving women in the rundowns on each archetype. Right. Here goes...

1. The Androgynous

Overview: Certainly her fashion sense is androgynous, for she dresses exactly the same way as an average male metalhead might, possibly with tighter trousers, though, and certainly has the same hair. In fact, this particular lady makes me wonder... do metalhead couples shower together, using the same products as each other? Because they could get away with it alright. And, much like her equivalent male counterpart, you'll find this girlie in the midst of the pit, giving it some welly, or drinking even Vikings and Heavy Artilleries (see Male Metalhead Stereotypes) under the table.
Dresses: Jeans, blue or black, usually fairly inexpensive, band shirts, sometimes a bit too big for her though some bands will do, as merchandise, special skinny-fit shirts for the consumption of their fans of the fairer sex. Piercings are fairly common, as are tatts, though to a lesser extent that amongst their brothers in metal.
Favourite Bands: Usually very traditional 80s stuff, so NWOBHM (e.g. Iron Maiden, Saxon) or thrash (i.e. Sodom, Kreator, Slayer, Municipal Waste) &c. Mid-era Pantera (think Cowboys From Hell) is also fairly popular amongst these types, as is Children of Bodom.
Quotes: "SPIDER SCHWEIN!" (people who were at Wacken Open Air in 2007 will get this.) "Sabbat? HELL YEAH!"
Rarity Rating: \m/\m/ (fairly common.)

2. The Dark Mistress

Overview: Latex. High heels. Knives. A riot of PVC and rubber and shiny black things, the Dark Mistress, named after the Dungeon Keeper monster, is equally at home at a Torture Garden club night as at a Torture Squad show. Although she looks like she's well equipped to dole out "A Lesson In Violence" (apologies to Exodus fans) she does not mosh, mainly out of concern for others. After all, a three-inch dog-collar spike can lead to quite alarming injuries.
Dresses: Like a dominatrix. Latex, PVC, and leather are not uncommon; uniforms are present but more unusual amongst this type. Practically ubiquitous, though, are tall, shiny black fuck me boots, often with six-inch or more spike heels. She also has piercings, but not of the sort you can get out in polite company.
Favourite Bands: Goth metal, though often of the darker-tinged varieties, such as Moonspell or Type O Negative. And, of course, industrial - ideally The Kovenant, Ministry, or anything suitably dirty sounding.
Quotes: "Ker-CHHHH!" - this is the sound of a whip cracking. "Shut up, you pathetic male."
Rarity Rating: \m/\m/\m/\m/ (quite rare)

3. The Vampire Queen

Overview: The Vampire Queen is the sex goddess of the metal world, even more so than Angela Gossow of melo-death band Arch Enemy, and even more so still than Tarja Turunen of Nightwish. Where she passes, heads stop banging and tongues start hanging. And it's not simply that she's stuffed huge breasts into an exceptionally tight dress, either; very often she is genuinely beautiful. Yet woe betide the poor headbanger who would ill-advisedly come on to her, for not only has she a tongue sharper than a razor blade, but also she has a boyfriend - more often than not a 19 stone German called Lorenz who's SERIOUSLY unimpressed by little punks like you and is more than happy to nail your pelvis to a hatstand. In the unlikely event she's single, however, it's still a poor idea to approach her with amorous intentions, because let's be frank, you've no chance.
Dresses: Like Elvira would, if she was in a Hammer Film. Velvet dresses, usually black, deep purple, or crimson, are not uncommon. Corsetry is very common amonst this sort. Even at big summer festivals they stick to this bulky style of dress as their skin is usually so pale that you can actually hear it frying.
Favourite Bands: Anything symphonic, really, ideally with a lady vocalist - i.e. Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, Leaves' Eyes. Also popular are Kamelot. The Vampire Queen is also pretty much the only metalhead type who can admit to liking Cradle of Filth and not be called a poser. The slightly less befrilled ones sometimes like Celtic Frost as well.
Quotes: Nothing in particular, but don't ask her to read you her anthology of vampire-related poetry. She doesn't have one and is sick of people asking her otherwise.
Rarity Rating: \m/\m/\m/ (uncommon)

4. The Harpy

Overview: This is what can happen when a Vampire Queen ages ungracefully. She seems oblivious to the fact that she no longer has the figure to get away with a leather corset or fishnet stuff not worn on the legs. Some of these people were bona fide goths back in their younger days and sort of went to seed a bit. If the Harpy is located in the wild with a mate, the mate in question will often be a BAMBI or a Dinosaur (see Male Metalhead Stereotypes). The Harpy can also be a little bit on the terrifying side as well; a fact to which I have some personal experience, after being followed obsessively round a Kamelot show in Paris by the proprietor of a gothware shop in the 1er Arrondissement in Paris that I had once patronised, but more on that later.
Dresses: Far too revealing and probably a size or three too small.
Favourite Bands: Lee Aaron, who sang a glam song about "coming like thunder" in the 1980s, and Doro Pesch, who's still doing the rounds. Also goth rock and 70s hard rock, especially if paired up with a BAMBI.
Quotes: "Hey! Baby! I didn't expect to see you here..." "What's a nice boy like you doing in a place like this?"
Rarity Rating: \m/\m/\m/\m/ (quite rare, since most Vampire Queens have too much sense to become mutton dressed as lamb.)

5. Madam Attitude

Overview: You've probably heard her before you saw her. This lady is better than 80% of men at performing extreme vocals such as in black metal or death metal. Or at least she thinks she is. In any case, her abilities in this regard have probably lead some male headbangers to swap obscene jokes about what she sounds like in the sack. Alas, the world of metal is very much a sausage fest and this is symptomatic of such a fact. Some specimens have a particular shoulder chip about this as well.
Dresses: Slightly knackered combat boots, figure-hugging trousers or shortish skirts with fishnets, any midriff-baring top with either a band logo or a pithy and flippantly misandric slogan on the front, or a middle finger. Disgruntled glower optional.
Favourite Bands: Anything vaguely extreme with women in it. Arch Enemy is of course a given. Astarte is popular amongst those who know about them, as are Soulgrind and Sinergy. Some specimens also profess a liking for Otep or My Ruin, and will defend them to the death, simply for having a growly female vocalist and a mammoth shoulder-chip, in spite of the fact that she knows just how shite they both are.
Quotes: "You're just frightened of people like Tairrie B because you can't cope with strong women." "Metal's not just a boys' club any more you know!"
Rarity Rating: \m/\m/\m/ (uncommon)

6. The Banshee

Overview: The Banshee is one of the rarest of metalhead archetypes in existence - a girl who's into the murky scene of extreme underground black metal. Which is usually an exceptionally male-dominated arena, with its acres of black leather, bullet belts, corpse paint, and makeshift bits of armour. Most metalhead spotters will only encounter one such specimen a year, if that.
Dresses: The main idea is for her to look attractive and at the same time dangerous, but rather than in a precise, ornate, regimented way like the Dark Mistress (see above), the Banshee tries to project an aura of ruggedness at the same time. Corpse paint is toned down, a few smears of blacking on her upper body usually suffice; and PVC is preferred to leather.
Favourite Bands: Astarte because they're kvlt but feminine, Ordo Ad Chao-era Mayhem, Darkthrone, Mutiilation, and Deathspell Omega. It's usually the creepier-sounding end of black metal.
Quotes: Doesn't speak much, just glowers at you as if she's trying to work out the best moment to pierce your jugular.
Rarity Rating: \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/ (very rare)

7. The Girlfriend

Overview: Alas, not every woman you can find at a metal concert is into metal, or at least is only partially into it. The Girlfriend is this sort, who is content to let her bloke bang it up at the front while she and other Girlfriends (they always come in packs) sit at the bar and natter with each other. Though don't make the mistake of thinking she's a mundane, very often she's into something vaguely alternative but not the style that's being played here. Occasionally a Girlfriend simply turned up to try and pick up vaguely alternative men rather than to enjoy the show. Actual metal women are particularly incensed by this, especially Madam Attitude.
Dresses: In something vaguely black and alternative. Sometimes they may actually be bona-fide goths who just want to socialise with other vaguely alt people and will dress accordingly. Indeed, the metalhead bloke/goth girl pairing isn't uncommon...
Favourite Bands: Could be anything really!
Quotes: None, really.
Rarity Rating: \m/\m/\m/ (uncommon)

8. The Angstbucket

Overview: A corollary to the Kerrang Kid (see Male Metalhead Stereotypes), the Angstbucket is usually an irritating fifteen to eighteen year old who thinks she's into "heavy music" because she saw As I Lay Dying on MTV and liked it because it struck a chord with her. She's so named because she's always full of woe and trying to impress on the masses how "nonconformist" she is. Sometimes Madam Attitude (see above) skirts dangerously close to falling into angstbucketry, though usually the former is more metal than poseur. Anyhow, the Angstbucket and Kerrang Kid are the bane of most metalheads' existence. Once your festival starts attracting them, you are probably on the downhill slope, as the organisers of Download seem not to know.
Dresses: In stuff that she bought from the ubiquitous Darkside Clothing brand, or on mail-order from the back of Kerrang magazine. This is, I gather, the European equivalent of dressing in Hot Topic kit. Usually it's a horrendous mélange of punk, hardcore, high street, and goth fashion. Some individuals will sport New Rocks, but don't take this as a definitive sign - a lot of proper metalheads wear the aforementioned Spanish bovver boots, including me.
Favourite Bands: If it's got "my" in its name, or it's got lyrics about self hatred and woe and whining, she probably likes it.
Quotes: "Oh my god, I mean, if Corey Taylor touched me, I'd just die!" "Some of us have real problems you know..." "Dear Heart. I met a boy today. Prepare to shatter."
Rarity Rating: \m/\m/ to \m/\m/\m/\m/ (all too common in the UK, but quite rare in Europe, thankfully!)

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