The night I almost expected

About 8 months ago my wife and I found out some unexpected news that we would be parents for the fourth time. Interestingly we were not surprised though the child was not necessarily planned. We did plan on having more kids but we were planning to wait one more year. I had just been accepted into a new school and we had already made plans on where our children would be while I was at school and my wife was at work. Adding one more child to the search for daycare providers would be difficult mainly because infant rooms tend to have long waitlist. But despite all the concerns we had for this child we took a positive attitude because we wanted to not have any ill feelings to the new child. The only selfish concern that kept coming back to me was how will I get any sleep.

For many sleep is a mild concern and for most who have been and are in a graduate program you already know that sleep is not very common anyway. As apparent of three I have had many sleepless nights and have been woken with the sounds of two or three kids being sick all at once, but my thought have been on this for months. Already we were outnumbered and now it would be 2 on 1. Well last night was the night of nights for us. Not just as much my wife but i would take the credit and say 75/25 me. We already went to bed fairly late and our newest child decided after weeks of long naps and always being tired it was time to be awake. I took him for the first hour and then was able to hand him to my wife when she was hungry. Shortly after I made the hand off my third youngest came in upset and in tears, I tried to console him but found the only thing he wanted was to sit with me subtlety moaning. Then it happened. My second oldest came in having an asthma attack and I had to run for her inhaler. That took about 30 min to get her settled. Meanwhile the other two were upset and my wife much more tired than I was very out of it to even make a coherent thought. Within a short few minutes I heard my oldest son get up. I thought oh no! But I heard the toilet flush and he went back to bed.

Shortly after I was able to get my daughter back to bed, and made a deal with my second youngest to sleep on my floor, I made it to bed and collapsed to sleep while my wife was just setting down our littlest. Interestingly when one has an experience like this you tend to be on edge. I found myself waking up several times to check on my children and because I was worried I could sleep through another crazed event and leave my wife regretting every decision she made since meeting me. When the alarm went off in the morning I was so exhausted that I snoozed it for 2 minutes to long and left us all running late out the door. But to be honest this was still not as the worst night I could have and as most parents know it won’t be the last.

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