We rode bikes to the market;
vegetables, coffee, honey, fruit, honey, sausages, honey, bread, plants
and a girl playing an accordion.
One of the honey stalls has a glass display of bees busy on honeycomb.

We rode down to the main street.
One of the pubs is being renovated.
Floors are missing, doors and windows are ragged,
steel beams and dusty sunlight; a different kind of honeycomb.

We had coffee at the Mexican and visit the gallery.
Soon it will be time for the Fringe exhibition.
I don't know if I will have something ready.
I wonder if we will ride in the parade.

I planted some more basil and tomatoes.
We are also growing squash in the garden.
I made a cheesy squash bake and took it across the park to Jenni's.
We watched 'The boat that rocked'.

The geeks collected around beige boxes. I found my way here.

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