As long as I'm working toward my goal of daylogging more, I'm gonna take a minute here to thank all the people who've contributed to my yesterday's write-up -- especially Dannye, Oolong, Tem42, and Wertperch, who between the four of them pointed out fifteen songs I'd not thought of, and in so doing put me on the track to find a handful of other overlooked eye color songs (and provided some other helpful comments); and to Glowing Fish, NanceMuse, and decoy hunches for their helpful comments as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. This has without a doubt been (and possibly will continue to be) the most collaborative thing I've done at E2!!

I honestly didn't expect that -- and I sort of regret that lack of expectation, because maybe I ought to have all along.

And while I'm daylogging, might as well update my progress in auditing those last four 'big list' ironnoders....

Glowing Fish -- on page 20 out of 30
mauler -- on page 16 of 24
Tem42 -- on page 12 out of 35
The Custodian -- on page 17 out of 39.

I essentially figured I ought to just try and work through mauler first and then continue tackling the rest in order of fewest nodes to most. I'm getting brave about node auditing again tho; soon I'll be holding myself out for it for anybody who's got a reasonable number to go through (say, under 300?) ;D}


I just came back to say that Scout died. For real this time. Those of you in the know understand that I owe nothing to keep any memory of him good, and I didn't come here to say "rest in peace" or any of that bullshit. I don't need or want your condolences. He drowned on Tuesday.

I just thought you should know.

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