Chopper and friend Behr spent most of yesterday getting reaquainted with each other around the remarkable Swiss fireplace on the bearskin rug and then in bed for the rest of the day providing comfort and support to each other. We discussed what happened at the Straight White Men's Cultural Center and how it was unconstitutional and offensive. Brandon Hitler had indeed been shot dead as had many of the others, including Old Helmut who was a center favorite. He dispensed wisdoms with glorious storytelling ability about his past experiences running a work camp in Germany decades ago. He was old and withered but had value and will be missed.

Slick Willie Lawyer did turn rat on me and give up many details of my business operations, which they shut down due to Democrats being anti-business and being all over the place in the FBI. Extermination is in their future when I achieve oneness with the Fuhrer and help him regain form in this world again. It will be wonderful to have so much order in place again after all this chaos. The Americans will arrest me if I enter the country, so they're obviously showing their chickenshit colors like they did when they backed the wrong side in the German War of Independence, forgetting their own struggles against the evil British Empire. Thy will be done.

They are showing the movie Frozen in the lodge theatre so I'm going to go do that now. Tomorrow we head out to meet with the "Madman" who they refer to as "The Lunatic Dreyfuss." So, I have that to look forward to. Apparently he has a powerful laser than can make buildings vanish without a trace.

Hairless ass weasel is back, but Chopper has been keeping my entry port full with his supportive parts so safe for now. Keeping a cork in it at other times for safety.

I care about these things.

My friends.

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