A few years ago, quite a few now, I remember my mum telling me about getting answers from the ocean.
She used to go to the beach, swim out and stay out there for up to an hour, then she'd get back and sometimes tell me about her revelations/answers to her questions/what not.

I was pure logic back then, so I didn't take much notice and just heard it as "I thought about it and here's my view/conclusion".

Not so many years ago, I was in one of my getting fit moods and was running and swimming quite regularly. One afternoon, on one of my (relaxing breaststroke) swims, I heard a voice in my head, clear as day: "There are two of you now, soon there will be three". I wasn't thinking about anything in particular at the time, so I was pretty confused and wondered where in the world that came from.

This was a while back, I think I may have been dating wifey at the time, but I was definitely not thinking about having children.

I guess this popped into my head today because there were 2 of us, and soon there will be 3.

The ocean speaks the truth!

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