Two famous swords and sorcery heroes created by Fritz Leiber, one of the world's greatest fantasy authors. Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser are two swordsmen from the world of Newhon. Through a number of short stories, novelettes and novels, the two heroes do all the generic swords and sorcery stuff, but in an extraordinary fashion.

All of this sounds like hyperbole, but Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser really is the greatest series of its genre. Most hack and slash stories are very formulaic, and quite boring (IMHO). Somehow Fritz Leiber's stories are different. To even begin to consider yourself educated in fantasy, you have to have read at least one of these stories.

The stories have been compiled into a number of volumes. Mine are out on lone, educating the unfortunate, but titles include Swords of Lankhmar, and a lot of other things starting with Swords.

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