Expressway To Yr Skull is a comprehensive online Sonic Youth Discography. It is the only thing of its kind I have seen anywhere on the Internet. It lists all of Sonic Youth's official releases, all of their bootlegs, all of their live performances, side projects etc... It is quite helpful when you are searching for the authenticity of bootlegs for sale on places like eBay, where sometimes the seller is reluctant to give out information on it. It can be found here:

Expressway To Yr Skull is named after the closing track from Sonic Youth's 1986 album Evol. Sonic Youth have a habit of giving songs multiple names, and this song is one of their worst offenders. It has also been known as:

  • Madonna, Sean, and Me
  • The Crucifixion Of Sean Penn
  • Stick Me Donna Magick Momma (sic)

The lyrics are as follows:

We're gonna kill the California Girls, We're gonna fire the exploding load in the the milk-maid maiden-head, We're gonna find the meaning, of feeling good, And we're gonna stay there as long as we think we should,

Mystery train, Thee-way plane, Expressway to yr skull

©1986 Sonik Tooth

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