Yes, it is. Would you like proof?

make a new html file (or text file and rename the file extension) and include the following:


<body bgcolor="everything">


When you open the page in your favorite browser, you will see that the background color is indeed red.
yeha but 'ehtt' also does it!

Damn, I've always wondered what kinda hella complex engine they use for color approximations! I bet in the end its just something totally randomised rather than anything logical -- Things that mystify usually are... :)

It's interesting though, since removing different letters, and chaning positioning has some weird effects.

Unless my math skills are suffering, the possible combos should be somewhere around:
( 4P4 / 2! ) == (24 / 2) == 12
(Thats right isnt it? Exams are comin up ya know!)

Lets see now:
tteh, tthe | htte, hett
etth, ehtt | teht, thet
thte, teth | etht, htet

And the colors that each of these give is as follows:

  • BLACK - tthe, htte, hett, teht, thet, thte, teth
  • RED - etth, ehtt, etht
  • GREEN - tteh, htet

Interesting! Who would have ever imagined just moving the same letters around could make such a diverse and seemingly random impact?!?!

As always I'm sure this can be attributed to Roswell and the Government, just trust me...

Now I really can't believe I just spent this much time on this...

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