Comic produced by a joint venture between Top Cow and Image comics. Drawn by Michael Turner, Joe Weems, and "Liquid". Written by Lusen, Lichtner, Gaaza, and Salstrom.

Eve is a 6-part comic series drawn in a beautiful style. The angular, almost polygonal drawing style results in mecha, people, and backgrounds which leap off the pages. The writing, unfortunately, leaves something to be desired. The concept of the series (described below) begins with a the possibility of an interesting and enjoyable exploration of a post-apocalyptic world. However, bad sales of early issues of the series resulted in the comic only being six issues (months) long, as opposed to the year long format hoped for. This abbreviated run resulted in the somewhat spotty plot arc, I believe.

The story begins with a cybernetics engineer working in an underground lab. The world has been through a holocaust, and is currently in a long winter. The engineer's newest creation, a cyborg which resembles an Angel, is completed except for the being's power source. Suddenly, a trio of "divine messengers" show up, and offer the engineer a mystical power source for his creation. They charge the newly awakened cyborg with the destruction of three other divine beings who they claim have gone astray on Earth.

If all you're familiar with from the Top Cow company are the likes of Witchblade and The Darkness, Eve is a nice change of pace.

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