(Fr., ``Between the holes of memory'')

Surrealist painting by Dominique Appia. Two identical transparent girls are in an open room, one staring out at a hot-air balloon floating over icebergs, the other reading a book. In a back room is a huge stone head that appears to be an older version of the girls; its ``hair'' is some kind of plant. Next to the girl reading the book is a pile of burning books, one of which contains a picture of the head (or maybe of the real woman, but with plant-hair). A mirror, reflecting only sky, stands above a fireplace (which is, in a trompe-d'oeil manner, capturing the smoke from the burning books). Stuck into between the mirror and its frame is a photograph of the same girl. The room is being flooded by an ocean outside a back door.

A rather detailed piece, Entre les Trous is reminscent of the work of Giorgio de Chirico. This piece is a very popular poster among college students.

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