A brand of eggs available nationwide in the US. They're slightly more expensive than regular eggs, but much better for you, and here's why:

How'd they get so good for you? For starters, the farmers don't feed them other chickens. Eggland's chickens are fed "a strictly controlled, high quality all vegetarian patented feed that contains no animal fat, no animal byproducts, and no recycled or processed food."   What they do eat: grains, canola oil, and Biotene, which is an all-natural mixture of rice bran, alfalfa meal, kelp and vitamin E. That's it. No weird injections, no mutant chickens.

The best part is, they're not gross, like those horrible egg substitutes. The yolks of these are perhaps a shade brighter than I'm used to, but scrambled or omletted they look completely normal. Taste tests have repeatedly shown Eggland's to be the egg of choice. Makes sense - I don't know if anyone's told you what most chickens eat, but it's not nearly as pleasant and innocent as what these happy hippie chickens have for dinner. Healthy food breeds healthy animals who yield tasty eggs for breakfast.

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