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Note: "Killed" means with an XP loss of 5, "Deleted" means no XP loss.

June 3, 2001

June 4, 2001

June 6, 2001

June 7, 2001

June 8, 2001

June 26, 2001

I am tallroo (hi tallroo) and I am an E2 Editor. I won't list kills requested by the user (e.g. nuke requests). All were killed mercifully unless explicitly stated.

My quest for URL nodes continues. See Please stop noding websites and why you shouldn't use a URL as a node title for why I'm keen to do this. Thanks.

Here's my current list. Don't go voting them down - that would be dumb cos nearly all will get nuked soon anyway. Many will require a /msg to request the content be moved - others are redundant. Do msg me with comments or additions though. Thanks for your help.



Wed June 6, 2001

Some tidying, a few nuke requests and the usual flock of msgs winging their way to the careless.

Tue June 12, 2001

Fri June 29, 2001

* = nodeshell destruction request too.

MEOW! I am baffo, hear me meow. Or sometimes make other noises, like deep, thundering explosions on the distant horizons with characteristically-shaped clouds. And fallout. Having established the context, here comes my writeup on editorial action in the month of June 2001.
I hate Italian keyboards. I hate the AltGr key.

  1. SONET (idea) by dev.null (mercifully) - superseded
  2. SONET (thing) by simonc (mercifully) - superseded
  3. amigo (person) by jgwong - it added nothing to Webster's def
  1. They won't notice.. (thing) by zav200 - if you are going to claim that Einstein fudged his data, you better have proof on hand.

Editor Log: May 2001 -O- Editor Log: July 2001

During this month, I was busy with my "life" so I wasn't very active. I sporadically purged nodeshells about noding, voting, downvoting and upvoting. This activity is like cutting the lawn - it'll be back in a week, but if you don't do it you'll lose the children in the weeds.

I removed junky E1 writeups from never-logged-in E1 users, and in some cases the users themselves. I took a fancy to review all the node titles containing the word 'like' and trimmed them too.

June 30: I killed some trash called "Cat Punishment Guide." Seemed to be simply sadistic trolling. Removed by request and community consensus ... it was at -6 before it dropped out of the top slot in New Writeups. No one cried.

And I did lots of the usual, mundane 'god' stuff: title edits and whatnot. Divinity's a bit banal at times.

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