Ed's Not Dead -- Hamell Comes Alive is the fourth album by Hamell On Trial, an amazing acoustic punk band consisting primarily of Ed Hamell.

The album was recorded as a live set when he was opening for Ani DiFranco in the spring of 2000. Shortly after recording this album Ed Hamell was seriously injured in a car accident. While he was recovering, the best takes from the live tapes were released in the form of this album. The liner notes also contain a small comic book telling the story of how he ended up playing the shows with Ani DiFranco, the car accident, and the release of the album.

The Track list is as follows:

  1. Sugarfree
  2. 7 Seas
  3. I Hate Your Kid
  4. I'm Gonna Watch You Sleep
  5. When Bobby Comes Down
  6. Choochtown
  7. Dead Man's Float
  8. The Vines
  9. Some Hearts
  10. Disconnected
  11. Big As Life
  12. Open Up The Gates
  13. John Lennon
  14. Hoo Hoo Song
  15. The Meeting
  16. Folsom Prison Blues

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