A drinking game for 2 or more players which can help you and your drinking companions get very drunk very quickly.

The Rules

  1. All players get a drink. The game works best with pints of beer or something similar.
  2. Choose someone to start. This person says out loud the name of a famous person (e.g. John Lennon).
  3. The player on his left then has to say the name of another famous person whose first name starts with the same letter as the Surname of the previous famous person. (e.g. Liam Gallagher).
  4. This countinues in a clockwise direction.

This is simple enough and involves no drinking, however, there are these rules to add:

  1. When it is your turn to name someone you must continuously drink whilst you are thinking (hence the name
  2. You may not use a name already used in the game.
  3. If someone says a name where the First and Surname begin with the same letter, (e.g. Marilyn Monroe) then direction of play is reversed.
  4. If you finish your drink whilst thinking, play passes directly to the next person and continues whilst you go to the bar


The nature of the game is that it starts of easy and moves fast, but soon people run out of famous names and serious drinking results.

How you define a famous person is up to you. We genrally play it as "A person more than half the players know of", which, interestingly can just include your own friends and families.


If you get bored playing with famous people (especially when you get bogged down in all the double-M names ;-) you can play this game with any groups of words after changing the rule to First and last letters of the names. Variations we sometimes play include:

An extra rule to handle people with one name (i.e. Madonna): Skip the next player.
Thanks to TenMinJoe

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