An old (1986) board game by Parker Brothers, in which you are a penguin (complete with top hat) trying to rescue your eggs from Big Snore the dragon. There are up to four players. Each has a "home nest" where he tries to return his egg to. The board is three-dimensional, with four "icebergs" forming the playing field, a large purple dragon in the middle, and the infamous "dragon waker" button.

Play is fairly simple: you roll the die and move. There are three kinds of spaces you can land on...

egg space: if you do not have an egg, take one from the dragon's nest and balance it on your character's head. The top hats are indented to hold eggs. If you have one, turn ends.
dragon space: push the dragon plunger. He will be angry, awakened, and roar, shaking one or more of the icebergs on which the players stand.
safe space: nothing happens. really.

If your pengin is knocked off the iceberg when Big Snore roars, he goes back to the nearest safe space behind where he was standing when he fell off. If he had an egg, or if he stayed on but the egg fell off, the egg goes back to the dragon and he must get another one to rescue.

You win when you get an egg back to your nest--although exact count is not needed, you can roll over the number of spaces and move past it. This is the "one egg--over easy" game. If you want to keep going, you can play the "two egg scrambler" game, in which you have to rescue two eggs (one at a time).

information from'tWaketheDragon.PDF and many fond childhood memories

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