A ceremony, enacted by Discordians, in order to celebrate the goddess and rejoice in the warm feeling that everything is very much fucked up, but it can get even more so.

As defined by the Goddess's Very Own Royal Garter-and-Red-Stocking Milano cabal, in a Discordian Mass you need to have parmigiano cheese, lambrusco wine and you also need to be peckish.

During the High Mass, the whole Cheese Shop sketch is recited, with gross inaccuracies of course.

The mass consists of the clinking of glasses, the nibbling of cheese, and the quoting of many Discordian Quotes, some made up of course.
More blessings await you if your advisor or boss shows up during the high points of the ritual.

A Discordian Mass is also a very good moment for performing the Turkey Curse on bothersome sysadmins, or proclaiming yourself pope (the formula for proclaiming yourself pope can be used). Bishops can also be ordained, but only in a very discrete and unobtrusive manner, for it is a slightly distasteful thing to be a bishop when you can be your very own Discordian Pope.

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