Bar & Grille found in practically every major city in the US. If I ever wanted to go back to food service, I'd wanna work here. It has everything to do with the theme of the place:

Everyone is supposed to be mean to you.

Servers, barstaff, managers, they all yell at you, make fun of you, do everything they can to publicly humiliate you. The food is decent, the drink prices are reasonable, and overall it wouldn't be that great of a place without your server delivering your food by walking by your table, throwing it down and saying, "Here's your shit, now leave me alone for chrissakes."

While having some chicken at the Back Bay Dick's, a party of four college-age girls walked in and sat pretty close to me. Their server asked them what they wanted to drink and they all answered water.

"Water? WATER? Yer fuckin' kidding me, right? Okay, hang on."

He goes over to the bar, and very very loudly yells "Hey Jimmy? These sorority dipshit cheapskates want water! No, no glasses, just gimme that bucket."

He fills this tin bucket with water and ice, drops it on their table, and then throws four little Dixie cups at them.

If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

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