As a northern boy trapped in the South thanks to college, i have created this debate among myself and many other natives and foreigners. Ostensibly the same, the basis of any arguement for or against either seems to be fond memories of wasted youth: mine of Denny's, "theirs" of Waffle House.

There is no Denny's in my college town, hence, i have gone to the dark side many many times at the urging of my southern compatriots.

A recent road trip delivered over 20 Waffle Houses, some exits with more than one, yet just 3 Dennys'. I stand alone, surrounded, and at least a little scared.

Per recent suggestions, a point-counterpoint comparison with an obvious bias:

Denny's has little consistency. Menus, decor, prices, everything can change from store to store, ranging from genuine 50's coffeeshop, through 70's drab, the 80's attempt at becoming a family eatery, through the current nostalgic faux-50's diner flavour.

Waffle Houses are exactly the same, to the point where i believe they ship the entire restaurant, staff included, from the headquarters somewhere deep under a mountain of grits to the side of every available interstate off-ramp.

Denny's has skillets.

Waffle House has raisin toast.

Denny's is not afraid to go overboard in cutesy-food. Moons over My Hammy, for crying out loud.

Waffle House has a wide variety of corporate anthems in their jukeboxes.

Denny's has peanut butter pie.

Waffle House has paper hat waiters, as do some subpar Dennys'.

Denny's has skinheads as a source of late-nite cheap entertainment.

Waffle House has rednecks.

Denny's used to have nachos.

I miss nachos.

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