An infuriatingly addictive Flash game by Xgen Studios.

You have a castle, and must defend it from oncoming hordes of stick men. It starts out with about 1 man every 10 seconds, but it gets faster, and soon they get battering rams and-OMG!-giant stick men!

Luckily, you have weapons. To start with, you can simply grab a man and fling him to his bloody demise. But soon, you'll have archers, who shoot down people-only occasionally though, they have lousy aim. Then you have kamikaze stick men, who'll die in a fiery blaze for king and castle. Then you get, finally, the wizards-who can create explosions, kill certain men and covert attackers instantly.

The game sounds crap, but is incredibly addictive and you'll find yourself on Level 25 with interminable RSI...not that you'll know or care or anything.

It's at

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