Just when you feel at your worst, there will be a moment of intense joy that follows.

It's never as bad as it seems!
Who was I kidding to think that someone or something could just easily take away what I've worked at for so long?
HAHA! look at who gets the last laugh!

Important announcement to all those who take joy in hurting people:
Listen, I know that you have been hurt in the past, and because it was not dealt with it has manifested itself in destructive behaviour. It makes you feel in control and high on adrenaline. It's an addiction and you should get help! Seriously, a therapist could probably show you how to create a more peaceful life and help you understand your inner conflicts. Everything in your life reflects back to you everything that you've created based upon your focus' and choices. Are you proud of the fact that people feel like your a lunatic? Compare that to people feeling like you deserve a nobel prize. It's not because humans are cruel, its because you have got to face the facts. It's about time you turn your life around!

The more evolved people always get the last laugh, and ya, I know that's what you want!

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