Driving home this morning and watching the sunrise as I cruised down the I-405, I was alone, all except for Little Tut.
He stared back at me lovingly from beneath the dashboard with his chipped yellow overbite and googley eyes. I was glad, not only for Little Tut's company, but because he's a nice reminder that you were here with me a few hours ago.

Our time together is slowly steeling me for the times when you're away. I know I can't keep you with me all the time, (yet.) but until I can, I use our brief moments together to build reminders of you in everything.
Watching you shave in my bathroom; snuggling up in my blankets; naming plastic, pop-eyed mummies as we drove along the coast; these will all help me to not miss you so terribly during the times when I can't reach out and touch you. It is oddly comforting for me to see your toothbrush sitting in the medicine cabinet with mine.

And even when I'm not at home, or in my car, even if I am in a place that I cannot find any memories of you... I still wear your love around my finger, it still radiates out from within me, and in that way, I can keep you right by my side, no matter what, forever.

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