Told to Me by a Very Nice Lady

A good Christian girl had recently finished her nurse's training and became an R.N. Her parents gave her a new car as a reward for this accomplishment. No sooner did she pass a Christian bookstore than she went in and emerged with an armful of bumper stickers, which she carefully applied all over the rear of her car; e.g., "Jesus Saves," "Jesus is my Co-Pilot," "Did YOU Hug a Nun Today?," "Christ Loves You," etc.

She was on the way to her job at the hospital when all of a sudden the new car stuttered and stopped. The gas gauge was below empty, she hadn't paid attention to look. There were two old men wearing yarmulkes sitting on a park bench right in front of where her car stopped. She asked "have either of you a small tank of gasoline so I can get to a filling station?"

The two men chuckled a bit and apologized to the girl, explaining that their automobiles had a light that went on to remind them, for they were so old they'd surely forget quite often otherwise. The sign on the building in front of which they were sitting read, "Hebrew Home For The Aged." They re-assured the girl that only two blocks up the street there was a service station. Meanwhile, both men agreed that a trip to the bathroom was necessary, the urge being brought on at their advanced age by the very mention of anything liquid.

The young nurse walked up the street and sure enough there was a gas station. When she asked to borrow a gas can the owner said that the only one they had had been taken over the weekend and they hadn't yet purchased another. Determined, the young woman walked back to her car, and from a box of hospital supplies in the back produced a men's bedpan. Triumphantly, she goes back to the service station, fills the urinal with about 80 cents worth of gasoline, and returns to her car.

Meanwhile, the two old men return to their seat on the bench. As the young nurse is ever-so-carefully pouring the gasoline from the urinal into the fuel tube of her car, one of the old men nudges the other, and murmurs "Hey, Moyshe, I get a feeling we ought to convert!"

The Everything2 Podcast, Season 12, Episode 2.

With extra jingling and messages of peace and love by Jack and Dann.


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