A small town restaurant in Peoria, Illinois, although I've heard there is another one somewhere else in Illinois. This is because the two brothers got into an arguement over financial shizznit, I think, and they split up. This pizza is the best pizza I've ever had. It's a thinner crust pizza, but not so thin that you can't taste it when you bite into a piece. At each table there is a bottle of Red Hot Sauce. I always drench each and every slice of pizza with it. It makes it taste so much better. Even though I'm from Indiana, everytime I go to Illinois to visit family, we always go to a small town Pizza place called Davis Brothers Pizza.

If you are ever in Illinois, I recommend you stop by, if you can find out where it is located :). I don't really wanna say because It's such a small restaurant that the parking lot can only hold around 15 cars. If i advertise too much, they might get rushed or something horrible :).

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