Rain scratches a surprise on the window
a gap to peer through, an old archers loop.
A pigeon coop, holding onto nothing
but freed birds, collects dust that turns pebbles
into gems and gems into lullabies.

The landscape, carved from marble, was cheapened
by deadwood making hermit homes that breed
disease. So cut my flesh straight from my bones
until the white shines an ivory clear
as day, shining like the armour meant hope.

Sun strokes our skin at near midday. Terrors
no longer trouble our sleep, as daybreak
puts on a brave face and some cheap perfume
attracting what attention she expects
and leaving her smile on the pavement.

The horizon promises rain as night
Draws question marks on our bruised skin and laughs
Like an animal when the day falls flat
And buries its dead where they once called home
Thinking that daylight outstayed its welcome

The dusk leaves. War paint tattooed to our skin
like off key scales, while chewed tobacco
turns to glue. Still, the henna never dries
the way the street seller tells us. It should
reveal nothing but peeling wallpaper.

"Cut Me Some Slack" is a song written and performed by Paul McCartney, Krist Novelselic, Dave Grohl and Pat Smear. It was performed for the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy relief concert. This song was written and performed for what was in an effect an impromptu Nirvana reunion, with a member of The Beatles filling in for Kurt Cobain.

Yeah, the whole thing is pretty awesome.

I have only seen the video so far on grainy bootleg video. With all the limitations of the quick production and the bad medium I viewed it in, this song ROCKS, and it has been a while since I could say something ROCKS, in all caps, without irony.

The song sounds exactly like what a Nirvana and Beatles song should sound like, even though it doesn't sound anything like what those bands stereotypically sounded like. It is a bluesy jam about...playing in a travelling band. Imagine One After 909 played as a grunge song. Crossed with Travelling Riverside Blues. The song resembles styles of rock from rockabilly to noise rock, and it does it very well.

Of course, it is just one song, performed one time, and I don't think it will reignite the youth and become the voice of a generation. It has been a while since I unironically rocked out though, and it is nice to know that the spirit is still there, that raw noise and feeling can be captured, and that the fate of the music of today is not just more dubstep remixes of The Golden Girls theme.

You say, "Cut me some slack,"
softly, pleadingly.

I am silenced.
I can't speak, thinking about cutting you some slack
I have been now for six years
Since the time you came to dinner with the no meat, no milk boyfriend
And I didn't know you were coming
And was instantly anxious
And you threatened to leave if you weren't welcome
I held onto the galloping horses of my temper
And placated you and explained that I was only worried because I'd made a meat and milk based meal
I was proud to have held my horses
And have placated you ever since
Tried to behave

I cut you some slack

But I am tired
I am out of slack
I've reeled it out
enough for you to go to the moon and back
Enough to wrap around you 47 times
Yet you don't feel a thing
You think I'm angry

Irritable, yes, my horses are hard to hold
But grief and now despair lie beneath
I have done the best I can
It isn't enough
You say I am too angry
too mean
I don't treat you right
I don't think you like me

There are some people who like me
husband, son, daughter, father
my mother-in-law who wrote that she loves
and rereads my letters
that I'm the only true letter writer she knows.
that I am a national treasure
I want to cry when I hold her note
I'm so full of joy that I have her in my life
That it leaks from my eyes.
She likes me.

I have cut you more slack than anyone else in the world
husband, son, daughter, father, mother-who-died
And it is not enough

And I am out of slack
it is gone
I cannot measure up

the stitches fall from the needle
and the sweater unravels

But let me know
when you want to be with me
no slack

your move

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