A great tv show on Animal Planet starring Steve Irwin, aka the Crocodile Hunter. Still fairly new, I've only seen three or so episodes thus far.
The show is mainly chronicles of the Australia Zoo (which Steve is the director of) and the lives of people and animals therein. It provides an interesting, suprising and sometimes somber view into the workings and goings-on behind the scenes of a large zoo.
Watch as Steve, his wife Terri and crew:
  • Perform dangerous tasks like feeding boas, move crocdiles from display to display, maintain displays with critters still in them, and give first aid to camels
  • Do house calls; ie removing a large (and mostly harmless) snake from someones home, then letting the homeowner pet it
  • Exchange foreign banter in cool accents
  • Maintain, repair, and build new parts of the zoo (not as boring and hardly as easy as it might sound)
  • Undergo surgery, in the case of Steve (for his knee) and his dog
  • Move and handle the most difficult-to-deal-with animals in the whole zoo (the otters, of all things)
  • Deal with accidents, as when one of the snake handlers got bitten but luckily not venomated
  • Put on shows, as zoos do, and train to do such
  • Adopt orphaned or found animals, doctor various animals around the zoo as well as injured animals people bring in

update: Is Steve the director of the zoo or is it his good friend Wes? (or Wez, as it sounds)
I was watching one of those shows the other night and I thought someone mentioned Wez as the director. ???

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