One of the newest characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, Cream the Rabbit appears for the first time in the Game Boy Advance release Sonic Advance 2. Partnered with her pet Chao, Cheese, she is in pursuit of Dr. Robotnik because he had kidnapped her mother. In fact, Cream herself was captured by the mad scientist and is only playable after Sonic defeats the boss in Leaf Forest. After this happens she is selectable from the Character Select screen.

Unlike the expert-level character Amy Rose, Cream was designed by Sonic Team as a character for inexperienced Sonic players to give them a chance to learn the basic skills behind the game. As such her long range attacks tend to be stronger than her short range ones. Also, like Tails she can fly with the use of her long ears (whereas Tails flies with his double tails). In addition to the spin dash and spin jump that most all Sonic characters posssess she can also summon Cheese to attack enemies currently on screen, form a protective barrier, or collect certain items. She can also perform a butt stomp and a double jump.

After appearing in a brief cameo in 2003's Sonic Adventure DX, Cream returned as a part of Team Rose in 2004's Sonic Heroes and as a playable character in Sonic Battle.

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