Could I Bookmark you? add a link to your soul, someplace permanent, something real. Not a picture of a memory but an address to the present.
I want to remember it all, everything you said.
I wish I could bottle the moon and the stars so I could bring them out whenever I want and watch your eyes sparkle in their glow. Watch the shadows that we make on the wall. I want to stand there and let your amazing soak in. I want to bookmark it so it won't go away. A link to that face in all of it's moods, good and bad; that smile, the one that lights my mind, sets my course and derails my train of thought.
Could I bookmark you?
Could I add a link to all that I Iook for in a person, everything that I desire, all in you...

I like the feeling of you there, you take away my raincloud. That night you did more, the rain was gone and for a moment the sun shone.
Could I bookmark that?
A moment that felt like it should never end...

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