The South American club tournament for domestic league champions. In the early cups the defending Libertadores winners were exempt until the semifinals, currently they have to enter at an earlier stage. The champion of the tournament plays against the champion of UEFA's Champions League to determine the Intercontinental Champion (tournament which in recent years has been sponsored by Toyota. In 1948, a "Copa de Campeones" (Champions' Cup) was held in Santiago, Chile, won by Vasco da Gama of Brazil; this tournament has been recognized as a precursor of the Copa Libertadores by the South American Federation (CSF).

Year	Winners					Runner-Up
1948	Vasco da Gama (Brazil)			River Plate (Argentina)
1960	Peñarol (Uruguay)			Olimpia Asunción (Paraguay)
1961	Peñarol (Uruguay)			Palmeiras (Brazil)
1962	Santos (Brazil)				Peñarol (Uruguay)
1963	Santos (Brazil)				Boca Juniors (Argentina)
1964	Independiente (Argentina)		Nacional (Uruguay)
1965	Independiente (Argentina)		Peñarol (Uruguay)
1966	Peñarol (Uruguay)			River Plate (Argentina)
1967	Racing Club (Argentina)			Nacional (Uruguay)
1968	Estudiantes (Argentina)			Palmeiras (Brazil)
1969	Estudiantes (Argentina)			Nacional (Uruguay)
1970	Estudiantes (Argentina)			Peñarol (Uruguay)
1971	Nacional (Uruguay)			Estudiantes (Argentina)
1972	Independiente (Argentina)		Universitario Lima (Perú)
1973	Independiente (Argentina)		Colo Colo (Chile)
1974	Independiente (Argentina)		São Paulo (Brazil)
1975	Independiente (Argentina)		Unión Española (Chile)
1976	Cruzeiro (Brazil)			River Plate (Argentina)
1977	Boca Juniors (Argentina)		Cruzeiro (Brazil)
1978	Boca Juniors (Argentina)		Deportivo Cali (Colombia)
1979	Olimpia Asunción (Paraguay)		Boca Juniors (Argentina)
1980	Nacional (Uruguay)			Internacional Porto Alegre (Brazil)
1981	Flamengo (Brazil)			Cobreloa (Chile)
1982	Peñarol (Uruguay)			Cobreloa (Chile)
1983	Grêmio (Brazil)				Peñarol (Uruguay)
1984	Independiente (Argentina)		Grêmio (Brazil)
1985	Argentinos Juniors (Argentina)		América Cali (Colombia)
1986	River Plate (Argentina)			River Plate (Argentina)
1987	Peñarol (Uruguay)			América Cali (Colombia)
1988	Nacional (Uruguay)			Newell's Old Boys (Argentina)
1989	Nacional Medellín (Colombia)		Olimpia Asunción (Paraguay)
1990	Olimpia Asunción (Paraguay)		Barcelona (Ecuador)
1991	Colo Colo (Chile)			Olimpia Asunción (Paraguay)
1992	São Paulo (Brazil)			Newell's Old Boys (Argentina)
1993	São Paulo (Brazil)			Universidad Católica (Chile)
1994	Vélez Sarsfield (Argentina)		São Paulo (Brazil)
1995	Grêmio (Brazil)				Nacional Medellín (Colombia)
1996	River Plate (Argentina)			América Cali (Colombia)
1997	Cruzeiro (Brazil)			Sporting Cristal (Perú)
1998	Vasco da Gama (Brazil)			Barcelona (Ecuador)
1999	Palmeiras (Brazil)			Deportivo Cali (Colombia)
2000	Boca Juniors (Argentina)		Palmeiras (Brazil)
2001	Boca Juniors (Argentina)		Cruz Azul (México)
2002	Olimpia Asunción (Paraguay)		São Caetano (Brazil)
2003	Boca Juniors (Argentina)		Santos (Brazil)
2004	Once Caldas (Colombia)			Boca Juniors (Argentina)
2005	São Paulo (Brazil)			Atletico Paranaense (Brazil)

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