A particularly annoying trend in contemporary hardcore porn, where the condom worn by the male performer during the entire scene suddenly disappears just before the money shot. Now you see it, now you don't! This peeve is near the top of my list of the cardinal sins of porn, not to mention being jarring and somewhat pointless. After all, condoms were designed to contain semen, right? So why wear only one until the moment of ejaculation? Is this some kind of random contractual demand by the actress? "Let's see, he has to wear a rubber to penetrate me, but he can definitely pull out and shower me with jism." Now that AIDS has put the fear of God into the porn industry, what exactly is a condom accomplishing if semen is still flying around everywhere before the scene is over? The mind wobbles.

What's worse is when they don't show how the condom got on in the first place -- with a lot of gay porn, the performers acheive penetration without a rubber, then there's a camera cut that suddenly has the condom in place.

Not to mention that the penetrator usually doesn't wear the condom properly, anyway... since they're uncut, they don't ensure that the condom is always on to the base of the penis.

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