A shirt of mine has this written on the front of it. A guy on my dorm floor used to make them, and being an engineer, most of my friends find it rather amusing.

The shirt itself is just a plain white t-shirt. At the top it says "Communists" in red letters, and at the bottom is "Use Metric". In between is kind of a silhouette of Lenin.

Now, before people start arguing with me about the metric system, I would like to point out that this is not a positive or negative statement about communists or the metric system. It is merely a statement of fact, as there are definitely at least two communists in the world which use metric. For instance, it's like saying that people drive cars. Merely a statement of fact. Any negative connotations would be due to your conceptions of communists and/or the metric system!

BTW, I've tried to bug the guy about it in the past, but I've never been able to persuade him to make more of them. I know I could sell quite a few for him very easily.

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