An experimental album by Digital Hardcore musician and member of Atari Teenage Riot Nic Endo. Released on the Geist offshoot label of Digital Hardcore Recordings. Cold Metal Perfection has met with much praise, including being ranked #21 in Alternative Press's "25 Best Albums of 2001"

As for the name, Endo relates that "When I was in Japan last year, I discovered a comic with a robot as its hero. Although he's a robot, he has the awareness of knowing that he is a machine. In one part of the comic he described himself as being a 'Cold Metal Perfection' He's longing for being human - he doesn't want to function as a pre-programmed machine anymore..". Endo equates this with her desire to make real, personal music, contrary to the stagnant "avant garde" and "underground" electronic music which had become empty and uniteresting to her. Says Endo, "So I prefer the robot who knows it’s a machine."

  1. Man-Eater
  2. The Program And The Brides
  3. Mask Identity
  4. Le Sacrifice (Cercles Mysterieux)
  5. I Didn't Exist
  6. Neon Sunrise
  7. Heroines
  8. Black Light Rituals
  9. One Night Domination
  10. Heroines PT.2
  11. Crystalline Circuits
  12. White Heat Video by Phillip Virus

Some information from Digital Hardcore Recordings

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