Underrated 1995 album by neo-psychedelic art-popsters The Flaming Lips. Described by the band as "a kind of crunchy Beach Boys in outer-space sort of thing." For this recording the "band" consisted of David Fridman sits at the producer/engineer's helm, as he would continue to do on the Lips' following releases. Ronald, who put down some of the best damn noise guitar out there, left after the creation of the album, which put the band into a creative spin that would culminate in the legendary Zaireeka.

The songs range from sad elegies filled with longing to silly fables and joyful tales of not-quite-nonsense. The lyrics are all Wayne's, and the musical credits are split between Steven and Wayne.


  1. The Abandoned Hospital Ship
  2. Psychiatric Explorations Of The Fetus With Needles
  3. Placebo Headwound
  4. This Here Giraffe
  5. Brainville
  6. Guy Who Got A Headache And Accidentally Saves The World
  7. When You Smile
  8. Kim's Watermelon Gun
  9. They Punctured My Yolk
  10. Lightning Strikes The Postman
  11. Christmas At The Zoo
  12. Evil Will Prevail
  13. Bad Days (aurally excited version)

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