Circle of Darkness ( is a web based game with light role playing elements.

The object of this game, is to end up with the highest fame at the point that the server resets. Fame is gained by attacking and killing other players (all human), this also raises your bounty, which increases the speed at which you accumulate fame. There is a limited number of turns per day, and by clicking on a couple of links there is extra turns available, all for good causes, such as "The Rainforest Site" "The Hunger Site" and all its brethren, as well as the vote for Circle of Darkness link.

Circle of Darkness comes in 2 flavours, the original and Arena, the main difference being that Arena is a much more fast paced game, which has different levels for more and less advanced players.

The RPG elements come in the form of a stat and experience system, the stats being Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence and Wisdom.

Strength increases the damage you do and hit % with regular attacks and beserk attacks, as well as raising the damage on counter-attacks.
Dexterity increases your dodge % rate, as well as the hit % rate and damage for the beserk attack.
Constitution increases your hit points, as well as your save against magic % rate.
Intelligence increases your magic % hit rate and damage.
Wisdom increases you magic defense as well as raising you max mana and helping in the casting of defensive spells.

There is a multitude of ways to do this, including different attack types, as well as different magic spells. Different attacks and spells rely on different stats in order to calculate hit percentage and damage.

The main strategy of the game is turn management, in order to effectively use the set amount of turns you get training should be your highest priority, and choosing the correct stats is a must.

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