Does the World Wide Message Tribe count as Christian Gansta Rap?

Real, live, I-tell-no-lie lines from some of their songs (and I use the word in the loosest possible sense):

"Jumpin' in da house of God, jump up, Jump in da house, jumpin' in da house of God" (repeat ad infinitum)

"Get up your hands, stick 'em up, get 'em up in the air
Get 'em up, up in prayer"

(BTW: how do you spell `air' when it's pronounced with two syllables?)

(^Davion^ points out that it's spelled "Ai-r!" but pronounced "Aéy-eR". It was kind of a rehetorical question, but thanks anyway.)

These vain attempts to make Christianity cool demonstrate the desperation felt among church leaders who see their attendance figures dropping off.

    Actually, the Worldwide Message Tribe is Christian Techno (like the Prodigal sons, some deleriou5, and some Stereo Deluxx, but I digress).

    Christian Rap (gangsta' or otherewise) would be more like D.C. Talk, Out of Eden, and Knowdaverbs... There's a nationwide Christian rap show called "Virtual Frequency"" that might air in your area (if you're in America, that is). Info on it is at If you can't hear it over the radio, it plays on every Sunday night.

    A piece of a song called "Lean on me" by D.C. Talk:
"True M.C.,  
 no slack on the track 
Here to tell the people that 
 love's what we lack
In this family  
 we got a love like Christ 
So sights on me brother and 
 take my advice 
Brother to brother we need  
 to learn to love each other 
So lean on me  
 when you're in trouble 
I cast my cares on Christ 
 'cos he cares for me 
So when you need a shoulder to cry on, just lean..."
Yeah, every group has certain substandard songs that get syndicated (hey, look at R.E.M.'s song "Shiny Happy People")... "Jumping in the house of God" is probably one of the worst songs by the WWMT (it even starts to grate on my nerves after a few minutes.) Better examples of their stuff would be "Messiah" or "Heatseeker" (but, bear in mind, they do christian techno, not rap).

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